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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Over a Billion Affinity Connections and Counting

UNBOUND has reached a major mile stone going way beyond friend counts and general psychographics. Unbound has established unparalleled access to consumer brand affinities through the largest consumer brand insight database; which is available to brands, marketing professionals, researchers, and database marketing companies. Combining the four major social networks, UNBOUND leveraged the power of direct brand connections to your consumers by creating a 1 billion consumer brand segmentation linking to over 20 thousand major brands and over 1.4 million consumer generate vertical brand pages.

By using UNBOUND’s proprietary friend proximity algorithm, though the wealth of known affinities, UNBOUND has taken the community insight and social intelligence to the next level.Using brand affinity clusters provide large scale pin pointing of influencers; igniting consumer conversation where it matters the most. Come see the power at Ad:Tech NY Nov 4,5 - booth 2146
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