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Friday, February 27, 2009

Introducing the Social Monetizer™ and the 'Super Customer'

I would like to use this space to talk about our new social networks marketing product--the UNBOUND Technologies Social Monetizer™, which officially launches on March 2. We think that monetizing the social networking services like MySpace and Facebook via word-of-mouth campaigns powered by social media intelligence technology really addresses the subject of how traditional ad channels are being reshaped by new digital ones. What we call "social cluster definition and outreach" is now, along with search, email and display, a "must-have" media channel. Social Monetizer™, which is based on our patented mapping and ranking algorithms, enables ad agencies, brand marketers, media companies and enterprise marketing departments to penetrate and manage social network ecosystems and master the ability to “monetize” the social sites by finding "Super-Customers." Early versions of our technology have been used in campaigns by companies like Verizon, Lincoln, VIBE Media Group, Comcast and Sony BMG. To be able to work with these major brands, UNBOUND has developed a Social Graph database containing in-depth information on more than 200 million consumers with online presences in the top social networking services websites. To learn more about the Social Monetizer™ please visit our website at www.unboundtech.com.